Have You Found Bugs In Your Pet Food?

September 12, 2019


It is not uncommon for bugs to be found in pet food. They are mainly found in bird seed and livestock food, but may also be present in cat and dog food. If you have found bugs there’s no cause for alarm and no need to return the product.


These bugs are weevils and are a type of beetle, there about 97,000 known species. They can be found in any of common grains such as wheat, oats, rye and barley.


Their larvae are often found in packaged dog and cat foods. Weevils, whether in larvae or adult stage, are not harmful to pets or humans and contain no diseases. They can be eaten along with any food pets that have infested without causing any harm.


Weevils are present mainly due to the lack of pesticide use. If weevils eat the grains and die, it’s a good indication that pesticides are present.


Many weevils are considered pests because of their ability to damage and kill crops, others are used for biological control of invasive plants.


It starts in the farm where the crop is being grown. The female weevil lays an egg inside the grain kernel and she can do this up to 254 times. The eggs are so small that it is difficult to see with the human eye. Therefore, everything we eat that is made from grains most likely is already contaminated with the weevil eggs as this happens in the farm while the crop is still in the ground.


Rest assured does not place your dog or cat at risk in any way. Weevils in the food indicates that grains have not been treated with pesticide or other chemicals.


As an option food grade diatomaceous earth may be added to pet food to eliminate weevils. We stock and recommend Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth with Calcium Bentonite. This originates from a deposit in the pristine province of British Columbia, Canada.


Unlike other DE products, both of these sought-after minerals are found in their natural state within this deposit. This natural combination is rare, with only one other known deposit that contains both diatomaceous earth and calcium bentonite in the world.


The diatomaceous earth can added to bags of food or mixed in with the pet’s individual meal according to instructions.


Although it is fine powder, the diatoms that make up diatomaceous earth have microscopic razor-sharp edges. The sharp edges of the diatoms cut through the insect's waxy outer layer during contact, allowing moisture to escape from the insect's body.

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