Does Your Home Emit Pet Odors You Don't Smell?

March 27, 2019


Your home may have pet odors and you don’t realize it. Why? You have become so accustomed to the odor that it doesn’t exist. It’s like buying a house near the airport, after a while you don’t “hear” the planes. Visitors will certainly hear the planes!


You may only have a couple of dogs, but visiting guests may believe you’re boarding a wild Mongolian yak based on the pet odors they smell.


It doesn’t matter how well trained our pets are, accidents do happen. They can happen if the pets have been left alone too long and nobody let them out to do their business. In these circumstances, they have no choice but to do their business inside.


Another accident could occur if the pet is sick. They have no control over vomiting or urinating whether they are alone or not. As a result pet stains and odors occur.


When accidents do happen, it’s hard to find good cleaners that actually take care of the situation.


Whatever they may be, urine, feces, vomit stains, there are several do-it-yourself remedies on the market for pet odors. These treatments include white vinegar, essential oils, baking soda and more.


“These remedies all work to a degree. Most only mask the situation,” states Mike McCutcheon, President of Baseline Carpet Care. Based in Rancho Cucamonga, the company specializes in the removal of pet odors from carpets.


“We’ve all seen the TV commercials where a mother sprays Fabreeze in the son’s bedroom to cover up the smelly gym bag in the corner. Fabreeze works for a while. Once the de-odorizing effects of the Fabreeze wear off, the problem reappears. In fact, the problem never left it was just covered up. The problem still exists and that is the gym bag in the corner. If you don’t remove the problem the odor will return.


“There are two main problems with DIY remedies. The first is that they are only a quick fix and secondly they only address one small portion of the carpet.


“Instead, we use a specialized, professional grade urine and feces treatment. This treatment breaks the molecular bond of the odor producing molecule. In conjunction with a powerful truck mounted steam cleaning process we eliminate not only the odor and but also the source.


“With all the time and money spent on DIY remedies for a small carpet area, homeowners could have their entire carpet professionally cleaned. We, essentially, remove the dirty gym bag from your room,” concludes McCutcheon.


For more information Mike McCutcheon of Baseline Carpet Care may be reached directly at 909-775-2834.

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