Woman Horse Owners Live 15 years Longer

March 13, 2019

Some people like dogs and cats while others lean towards much bigger friends: horses.


Onlookers don’t understand the obsession with riding and horses. It’s because horses don’t make any impression on them while horse lovers can’t explain the feeling inside them that strongly bonds them with those magnificent creatures.


Horse lovers know that they were born with the passion. It is inside of every horse lover from the moment they were born.


Horse lovers realize that horses have needs same as people do, and that’s why they start acting compassionately.  Horses are treated to freshly cut hay, hugs, kisses, and muzzles.


The smell doesn’t bother horse lovers and they are cared for as if they were our children. Horses are considered part of the family and best friends.


Studies have been conducted to determine the benefits of owning different kinds of pets. One study revealed that women who own horses are more likely to live 15 years longer than women who don’t own horses!


A double-blind study followed women of widely varying age groups over a forty-year time-frame. Scientists discovered that when a woman owns a horse, her life expectancy increases up to 15 years after analyzing statistics from over fifty countries. This included a pool of women who did own horses as well as many who did not.


The study separated women into two groups: those who have owned horses for at least five years and those who do not qualify as horse owners with the overall average increase of 15 years for women who own horses.


The scientists admit that they don’t have any clear idea why but data reveals an increase in life expectancy for horse owners without providing a thorough reason for why.


However, many horse owners unanimously agree that their horses are often a contributor to their sense of well-being. Women who own horses tend to be less symptomatic in situations such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other heart related health issues, all possibly contributing to their increase in year.


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