Propane Refill For Home, Motorhomes

And Commercial Needs

C.W. Feed in Rancho Cucamonga is your local outlet for propane refills and exchanges.



We are located close to the 210 Freeway, so motorhome owners can refill on the way out of town. Our courtyard is large enough for motorhomes to easily maneuver to the refilling station.


Propane Cylinders

When bringing your cylinders in for refilling or replacement, please make sure to transport them safely in a secure, upright position. Do not transport your cylinder inside the cab of your car. It should be placed in the trunk or bed of your vehicle for your own safety.


Your vehicle should be well-ventilated and take the cylinder home immediately.


Please read and follow the directions from the grill manufacturer before turning on and lighting your grill.


Always store cylinders upright in a secure location outdoors only. 


Cylinder Expiration Dates

In case you did not know, your propane cylinders do expire. The cylinders are only legal/safe for 12 years from the manufacture date. You can check your cylinder's date by looking at the date stamped onto the handle which will say the month and year.


For your and our employees' safety, we DO NOT refill tanks that are past their expiration date. If you bring in your cylinder and it is expired, we offer cylinder exchanges. You will receive a new tank that is already filled with propane.


Free Download

For more information on propane safety, download a free brochure from the Propane Education and Research Council by clicking here.


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