Quality Food For Chickens

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Big Feeder

Lay Pellets

An excellent feed with a 16% protein formula for hens that 18 weeks and older for tailored nutrition.



A 22.5% protein formula for broilers 0-8 weeks old for tailored nutrition during this growth stage.



Chickens naturally scratch the ground using their toes to find grains. Scratch feed encourages this behavior.

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Naturally Free

Organic Starter

Non-GMO blend of organic cracked grains, flax meal, wild caught fish meal, vitamins and minerals.

Naturally Free

Organic Grower

Non-GMO for laying birds with similar mixture to Starter but less protein and grains are left whole.

Naturally Free

Organic Layer

Non-GMO and Certified Organic with high amount of calcium for strong shells and lower protein.

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