How to Care for and What You Need for Baby Chicks

Chick Care Guides

Is this your first time owning chicks? Do you just need a refresher on what you need? Well we have care guides available for you to download with everything you need to know about how to care for chicks.

Chick Starter Kit

When getting chicks, there are some items that you must have. Items like heating lamps, feed, probiotics, bedding, etc. are all necessary for your chicks to be healthy. Luckily we have everything you need to keep your chicks healthy and happy. This is the basic starter kit you need for your chicks.  All items shown are sold in store.

Brooder/Heat Lamp
White Heat Lamp Bulb
Red Heat Lamp Bulb

A brooder/heat lamp is one of the most important items you need. Baby chicks must be kept at a certain temperature in order to survive. We sell clear or red bulbs for the lamp. A thermometer is also needed to make sure its not too cold or too hot.

Chick Boost Probiotic

Chick Boost contains probiotics, vitamins, and electrolytes to aid in the health of chicks. It introduces beneficial bacteria which assists the chicks in developing a positive bacteria culture in it's digestive tract. It is given to them mixed in with their water. 

Starter Mash
Organic Starter Mash

Starter Mash is the food that chicks will eat until they are 6 weeks old. Have their food in a feeder that they can eat out of as they need. We sell regular and organic feed. If you wish to do an all organic diet throughout their entire lives, we have organic feed for adults as well.

Chick Grit
Organic Chick Grit

Chick grit helps chickens with digesting their food. They will need this throughout their entire lives. We have regular and organic grit.

Water Base
Feeder Base
Plastic Water/Feed Jar

A feeder and waterer are easy and convenient ways to feed and give water to your chickens. Just fill up the jar and screw either base on and your ready to go. With the jar, you will have to fill up their food and water less. Leave these out for them and they will eat and drink when they need it.


Shavings are needed in chickens pen/coop to use for their bedding. Bedding is needed for chickens throughout their entire lives. Since chicks need to be kept warm at a certain temperature, it is really important to have bedding for chicks so it can be used as an insulation layer between them and the cold floor. Clean the shavings out and put in new fresh shavings regularly.

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