About CW Feed and Pet Supply

Curtis and Wendy Pitts

Curtis and Wendy Pitts started C.W.Feed in a dirt lot located near Etiwanda and 23rd Street in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. 


They rented enough space to store one semi-truck load of Alfalfa and took orders on the phone in their dining room. They progressed and moved to their current location in 2009.


Curtis was a full-time Deputy Sheriff (now retired) in the High Desert of California and Wendy was a former Aerospace employee that was left unemployed when the Aerospace industry left California.  She cared for their two daughters and the house while unsuccessfully looking for employment during the depth of the recession. In the meantime, Curtis took every bit of overtime he could get to keep the bills paid.


With no feed stores in the area and Curtis’s past as a “ Truck Driver / Hay Hauler” they made a decision to buy a load of hay.  It was an attempt to keep feed costs down for their two Clydesdale horses and hoping to sell a few bales too.  They rented a spot for $100.00 a month and bought a load of Alfalfa.  With business license in hand, they took delivery of their first load of Alfalfa in June of 2007.


With hard work and some good talking, along with a car trailer full of Alfalfa, Curtis was able to get his first customer, Denise.  Denise is still their customer to this day and their longest customer.  “35, 125-pound bales, in a little white 8x10 canvas pole barn, under an avocado tree”, Curtis remembers like it was yesterday.  “WOW, it was hot, tight space and the bales had to stack five high” Curtis, remembers but, was so happy to have their first customer.


In August 2009 they were able to work a deal and obtained a retail location at 7070 Archibald Av. Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.  It was an old equipment rental yard and had been vacant for many years.  After a few phone calls and many trips to the city, in September of 2008 they had a retail location to start their dream business.  With a load of Alfalfa, a few bales of straw, a load of pumpkins and their camper trailer as an office, they were open for business.


They spent the next few months cleaning and repairing the location, hired an employee, Violet, and started their retail business.  With a cash box, a fold-out table, five Home Depot shelves, an electric heater, all set up in what is now known as “The Cat Room” and they were open for business.  With a few bags of Canidae dog and cat food, some Vet Supplies, and Rodent traps, on December 1, 2009, they opened for business.  Curtis made all the deliveries for the first two years or so, all the while working as a full-time Deputy Sheriff for the County of San Bernardino


The next year was spent cleaning and repairing the location and getting the “New” retail area ready to open.  With help from many people, like JR. Hoffman, Darin Hoffman, Curtis’s brother Forrest, their new employee, Matt Harris, (Who painted the new retail area in one day) they opened the retail area you see now.


For the first year or so, payroll was paid out of Curtis’s own paycheck, from the Sheriff’s Department, until the store was up and running and able to pay its own way.


They have built their business with hard work and a friendly “Home Town” feel and respect.  Many of their first customers are still with them to this day and most call Wendy and Curtis “Friend” “And that to the best thing of all” Wendy says.  “When we go places, people always ask, “Aren’t you the feed store people” and that is so cool” Wendy says.


On March 18, 2012 they hired Joe, who developed his own “fan club”, with his quick wit, big smile and welcoming attitude.   


June 10 2017 was their 10-year anniversary as a business and they are looking forward to 10 more.



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